Version 0.2

Source Code

You can find the current development of version 0.2 on Github. Download the release candidates of version 0.2 or the newest version of the master branch.
For installation instructions read installation.
MicroMagnum Master MicroMagnum 0.2rc4 MicroMagnum 0.2rc3

Ubuntu binaries

MicroMagnum packages are available for the following Ubuntu versions (more versions will come soon):
Ubuntu 13.10_x64 Ubuntu 13.04_x64 Ubuntu 12.10_x64 Ubuntu 12.04_x64

Windows installer

The Windows binaries are available for 32bit and 64bit and the Python versions 2.7 and 3.3. Windows x86 Python 2.7 Windows x64 Python 2.7

Windows x86 Python 3.3 Windows x64 Python 3.3

Version 0.1

The old MicroMagnum 0.1 is provided as .tar.gz file, but it is not supported any longer. For installation instructions read installation.
Download source 0.1

Alternative Micromagnetic Codes

You might also want to have a look at alternative open source codes for micromagnetic simulations:

Please let us know if we forgot your software here.

Publications Citing MicroMagnum

When you use MicroMagnum for your publication we kindly request you to cite the website as follows:


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